Choir Direction

Maximilian Lörzer, born 1988 in Jena, began early with lessons in playing the flute and the clarinet, the piano followed. During his school days he joined his school’s choir and discovered his love for choral work. In the following he joined the Philharmonic Choir Jena in 2006 (under Berit Walther) and the Chamber Choir of the Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt Weimar in 2009 (under Prof. Jürgen Puschbeck). In 2008 he took over the position as the conductor of his schools choir.


Parallel in 2009 he began his studies at Hochschule für Musik (HfM) Franz Liszt Weimar to become a music teacher. He finished his studies in 2015. Lessons in choral conducting by Christoph Hiller or Gunter Berger set decisive impulses for his musical and pedagogical development.


In 2011 he founded the Psycho Choir and since then he holds the musical and the legal direction of the choir and the association.

Voice Training

Johanna Siebel, born Korell, was born in Fritzlar (Hesse) 1994 and grew up in Thuringia. Starting at the age of 5, she received early musical education and decided to learn to play the violin. Inheriting an accordion from her grandfather at the age of 12, she developed a love for keyboard instruments. She received accordion lessons. In addition, she started taking piano lessons when she was 14. For the 9th grade she transferred to Goethe-Gymnasium Gera, Rutheneum. There she had lessons in singing, playing the piano, the guitar, the violin as well as lessons in music theory and aural training. Johanna was a member of a girls’ choir and later of the internationally successful concert choir of the Goethe-Gymnasium under Christian Frank. After her Abitur she decided for a voluntary social year. Following this, she started her studies.


Now she is living with her family in Jena and she studies music and biology at Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt Weimar and the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena to become a teacher for those subjects.


Since October 2017 she is the Psycho-Choir’s voice coach.