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We are taking in new members every first three weeks a semester. If you want to get an idea of the choir you can come to those first three rehearsals without any further obligations. Rehearsals are at August-Bebel-Straße 4.



The next dates to join are: 

·         09.10.2019

·         16.10.2019

·         23.10.2019


The audition for everybody to join will be from 18-21 at August-Bebel-Straße 4, seminar room 107 on the following dates:

·         17.10.2019      

·         24.10.2019    



Who may join?

Every young person older then 18 can join. You do not have to study psychology (or even study at all). In fact at the moment students, PhD students and professionals of young age belong to our choir.




We are a students' choir and therefore we only rehearse during semesters. The first rehearsal always takes place in the last week without lectures.

  • every Wednesday from 19:00 to 21:30 (lecture period)
  • at August-Bebel-Straße 4 (Google Maps)
  • seminar room: 104


Additionally we have one rehearsal weekend, one rehearsal Sunday and here and there a Friday rehearsal. 



What should I be able to do?

Every semester we study a new and ambitious program, which in the end we memorise sing without sheet music.
That is a lot of fun and we work on it with great commitment.
Therefor your joy for determined rehearsal work is important, as well as perseverance, reliability and autonomy.
In a choir every single member is responsible for the collective's result.
That's why to us it is really important you're up for a challenge and are ready to grant us a certain priority.
In return you are part of an amazing community that strengthens and supports each other.

Since every member studies the songs for the rehearsal at home (and of course gets the sheet music and audio files to practise from us), self-reliance and willingness to learn are vital requirements, too.

Musically, you should bring a certain vocal security.
Also important is the ability to teach yourself the songs - if with our audio files or your own instrument is up to you.
It is not required from you to have experience in choir singing or to be a professional singer, to the contrary:
it's also important to us you can evolve in our choir!



And since you are reading this site in English - we are singing songs in German, English and various other languages. It is no problem to ask a friendly neighbour after the rehearsal if he or she can repeat the pronunciation of any German words with you. Nevertheless all rehearsals are held in German exclusively and we have a quite regular exchange of emails that are written in German as well.




To become a member of the Psycho-Chor you have to participate in an audition at the beginning of the semester. After a short conversation to get to know each other, this audition consists of two parts:

1)    Short vocal exercises to determine your vocal range
2)    A song you will receive from us beforehand to prepare at home

If you want to, you can additionally sing a short song acapella for us to show what you can do. Here it doesn’t matter what kind of song it is (Pop, folk song…).

It helps to warm up your voice a little before the audition (e.g. at home), but it’s not required.

The song you have to prepare you can find here to download. Please study the part at home which you think suits you best. At the audition we will be singing the song together. This means we (about 5 people) sing the other parts and you sing yours. Since our rehearsal routine is that every singer prepares the songs at home, we can see this way if this is possible for you to do. You therefor have all the possibilities to optimally prepare yourself for the audition!

If the preparation won’t be possible for you, you will get a song to sing at sight, which we will sing together without preparation. This song will be a little easier, but you can’t prepare for it.

Good luck, you can do it! :-)

Choir's Community

A community can only work if their members identify with it. Therefore after every rehearsal we go out for a drink together and have a weekly breakfast together (all voluntary participation). Furthermore there are periodical events like barbecue evenings, blood donations or street singing and even more to get to know each other better and feel comfortable.





Our concerts can only be successfully prepared if you attend rehearsals regularly. Of course from time to time one gets sick or has a good reason to fail to appear that can be agreed on in advance. In principle you should take a good look at our rehearsal schedule at the beginning of the semester and deliberate if you can realise the volume of rehearsals and if you are present for all concerts at the end of the semester.





At the end of every semester we are giving several concerts. The exact dates you may find here. We also get a lot of external requests and therefore from time to time organise a concert outside the core range. Those concerts will be announced ahead in time.




Choir Camp

One of every semester's highlights is our Choir Camp. In May and November we travel to the youth hostel in Bad Sulza to rehearse intensively for one whole weekend. Attendance is obligatory. This weekend is very important for the preparation of our concerts. In Bad Sulza we have the opportunity spent a lot of time together so we can grow as a group.




Membership Costs

We have a membership due of 50€ per semester. With this money we finance our choral work (music sheets, rent, travel expenses etc.). All costs for the choir camp (accommodations and full catering) are already included.




We are looking forward to meeting you!